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For some students who dont think they will be able to practice we offer a course with a larger number of driving lessons which is excellent value.


All prices are subject to G.S.T and all courses include our car for Road Test. All lessons we will pick you up and drop you home or back to school.


If you have any questions regarding course options please feel free to call or email and we will be glad to help.


To help you prepare for your road test visit ICBC.COM  practice test.

Licensed and Bonded with ICBC for your protection and security. Fully Insured.

With all our courses 7+ and more we offer convenient Pay As You Go option and our vehicle is provided at no cost for your Road Test.



We offer several packages all in-car training as we dont rent classroom space , classroom courses are an option but not required by ICBC



To help you decide whats best for you first of all decide how much experience you think you have, ICBC recommends 60+ hours of driving experience before you take your test but every student is different.



We offer 1 hour , 1 hour 30 min or 2 hour lessons. Book a single lesson   for extra practice before your test or for parking lesson. Book a 2hr  lesson for a highway practice crossing bridges and under the tunnel or a drive around road test area including a mock test.



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iWay Driving School

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