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                                               Cancelation Policy.
48 hours Notice is appreciated. We understand sometimes this isn't always possible
  We do not make a charge for late cancellation however if a lesson is canceled without any notice we may reduce a 2hr lesson to 1.5hr.
If last minute cancellation occurs more than once the lesson will be forfeited.
If a Road Test is canceled at last minute it will be forfeited from a lesson package.
If lessons that have been scheduled in advance are cancelled without 48 hours notice and are part of a lesson package the Road Test will be charged at full cost of $95
If a lesson package is not completed and student is on Instalments the Road Test is charged at full cost of $95

Refunds will be subject to Credit Card Processing Fee of 3.20% If Paid by Credit Card, all lessons taken will be charged at $45 per lesson irrespective of Package Purchased.

In the event of a refund & cancellation of lesson package all lessons taken will be billed at $45 per hr plus tax, all late cancellations billed at $45 pr hr plus tax from an incomplete lesson package.

In the event we feel a student is not ready for Test we will offer best advise and if we have booked Road Test we may feel it necessary to cancel Test, if we cancel test the Road Test portion of package can be retained for next Test or refunded, Please Note that with lesson packages the Road Test portion is Free or $35 depending on package Refund will be $35 minimum
We make every effort to be on time but on occasions due to traffic and construction we can sometimes run behind schedule and will let you know as soon as we can.

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